The Patrick Madrid Show: May 11, 2020 – Hour 3

  • America’s colleges awarded $12.5 billion in COVID-19 bailout – who got it and how much?
  • Caller: Gary in CA compliments Patrick on the way he handles himself on air amid criticism and he comments on mainstream media bias
  • Caller: Yvonne in CA thanks Patrick and Relevant Radio for being an alternative option to the mainstream media
  • Caller: Abraham in IL asks about the relationship and/or divisions between the Greek, Russian, and Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church
  • Truck drivers suffer largest job loss on record after April bloodbath leaves 88,300 unemployed
  • Caller: Joe in IL asks about the story of the possessed man, and Jesus casting them into the swine and then into water to drown, leaving the farmer without his livestock.
  • Patrick addresses a listener’s comment on the difference between a democracy and republic
  • Caller: Bob in MA
  • Caller: Kat in CA asks Church teaching on democratic socialism, and asks how to balance taking ambition and pride in her hard work vs. a humble disposition as a slave to God