The Patrick Madrid Show: May 12, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Sinclair Broadcast Group to pay $48 million penalty to close FCC investigations
  • Caller: Justin in WI asks for a book recommendation for his uncle who is not into the faith but he is nearing the end of life
  • Caller: Scott in AZ shares his understanding of 1st Corinthians and thinks it is being taken out of context in reference to Purgatory
  • Caller: Gabriella in CA asks what the significance is of the color green that priests wear in ordinary time. She also asks who makes the altar bread for the Mass
  • Caller: Margie in CA thanks Fr. Rocky for his daily Masses. She was told that praying the rosary can be a substitute for Mass, is that true?
  • Caller: Janet in IL asks Patrick’s opinion on the “Poem of the Man God.”
  • Caller: Jerry in IL comments on The Price is Right TV show having a contestant raising money for Planned Parenthood
  • Caller: Gary in NJ says the coronavirus pandemic reminds him of an episode from a TV show “Outer Limits”
  • Caller: Dominic in NY asks why God allowed this pandemic