The Patrick Madrid Show: May 12, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Listener email: Anne lives alone and this lockdown has been hard for her, so she appreciates that Patrick acknowledged lonely people on yesterday’s show
  • Caller: Dave in FL asks for clarification between who was James the greater and James the lesser
  • Caller: John in IL asks why we need different devotions, like why do we have both the miraculous medal and the scapular to wear?
  • Caller: Bob in OK asks if he can receive holy communion at non-Catholic churches
  • Arizona: Muslim students threaten to kill prof for suggesting Islam is violent
  • Caller: Lori in MN asks about her daughter who is a non-practicing Catholic and is going to marry a non-Christian, and doesn’t plan to have a sacramental marriage
  • Man Climbs Under moving big rig filled with wine, begins drinking from tank
  • Caller: Steven in MN asks why it was necessary for the Blessed Mother to be a perpetual virgin after having Jesus and how this relates to her sinlessness