The Patrick Madrid Show: May 13, 2020 – Hour 3

  • What pandemic? Carnival Cruise bookings soar 600% for August trips
  • To reopen, Washington state restaurants will have to keep log of customers to aid in contact tracing
  • What if immunity to covid-19 doesn’t last? That’s the big question that could determine the eventual toll of this disease
  • Caller: Dawn in NV is in the process of becoming Catholic but in the midst of lockdown wants to know what she can do to continue
  • Caller: Cesar in CA served in the military for years and part of that involved killing people. It doesn’t bother him, and he feels like he should have more of an emotional reaction. It has made him struggle with his faith.
  • Caller: C.B. in CA asks about Giantism and where Scripture talks about the Nephilim
  • Caller: Rey in CA is a law enforcement officer and had to take someone’s life to protect others. He got through the emotional and legal repercussions with prayer and support
  • Caller: Linda in MI says contact tracing has already started in Michigan