The Patrick Madrid Show: May 15, 2020 – Hour 1

  • The Broward sergeant who hid during Parkland shooting just got his job back
  • Caller: Adriana in CA asks if what we’re going through right now relates to what is described in Revelations. She almost had a panic attack yesterday
  • Caller: Caesar in CA is in law enforcement and says the Broward officer probably wasn’t specifically trained for the situation and everyone responds to stress differently
  • Caller: Gus in NJ is a school administrator and says they are trained for active shooter situations so he has a hard time believing the Broward officer wasn’t prepared
  • Caller: Ernie in CO was a first responder to the Columbine shooting and is still active today. He says that no matter what rank you are, the first responder on scene is to address the present threat immediately