The Patrick Madrid Show: May 18, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Fr. Rocky joins Cale Clarke to discuss St. Pope John Paul II’s courage and fearlessness
  • Caller: Judy in RI shares that her son started thinking about becoming a priest after attending World Youth Day and now he is a priest
  • Caller: Shirley in WI thanks Fr. Rocky and she sang along with his song in Polish
  • Caller: Carolyn in IL reminisces when JPII came to Denver, CO in 1993 and when she traveled to Rome and saw him. He changed her life
  • Caller: Margaret in TN shares about her pilgrimage in 2012 for her son’s First Holy Communion in Rome and he was gifted a 2nd class relic of JPII by sisters there. A year later he had a stroke, was in a coma, and Pope JPII appeared to him saying be not afraid.

*Guest Host Cale Clarke