The Patrick Madrid Show: May 19, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Guest Host Cale Clarke continues discussing the account from Pliny the Younger on the resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Cale discusses faith and morality in the Christian life
  • Jesus was sought after by some on earth because of his known healings and exorcisms
  • Caller: Frank in NY discusses having faith alone
  • Caller: Victor in CA asks how the Catholic Church compiled all the books in the Bible
  • Caller: Marie in NJ asks for books written by secular historians
  • Caller: Sarah in NV asks if it is appropriate for her brother to bless his house by himself instead of having a priest do it. She is moving in soon and feels a negative essence there
  • Caller: Donna in AZ asks about the statement made at Mass, “the mystery of faith,” and why we call it “mystery” if we claim it is Truth

*Guest Host Cale Clarke