The Patrick Madrid Show: May 26, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Patrick discusses the possibility of the developing coronavirus vaccine being made mandatory
  • According to a Reuters poll, 25% of Americans not interested in coronavirus vaccine
  • Caller: Ricky in CA never had a vaccine in his life until joining the military, and even then soldiers still got sick
  • Caller: Wendy in OH watched Mass online and thought the way people received Communion wasn’t sanitary
  • Italy to recruit army of 60,000 volunteers to enforce social distancing rules
  • Caller: Tony in TX says his friend in CA is packing up her business and leaving the state because they are starting to push vaccines on children especially
  • Caller: Joanne in ME is a nurse and says it won’t be clear which vaccine is made with fetal cells and which is not. The average doctor won’t even know. We have to do our own homework
  • Caller: Glenn in MD asks about Jesus breathing the Holy Spirit on his disciples
  • Caller: Anna in IL asks for advice on how to talk to her protestant friend. Should she study apologetics more or refer him to someone else?