The Patrick Madrid Show: May 27, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Cyrus corrects a statement he made in the previous hour about a photo that looked like the police officer Derek Chauvin wearing a “Make America White Again”
  • Caller: Ralph in AZ criticizes Patrick for in one hour of the show condemning abortion and alluding to what he thinks is support for Trump, and the next hour condemning racism, because Ralph says Trump is a racist president
  • Caller: Kris in CA doesn’t like how Patrick is painting a broad picture of police racism on the air because many families listening our in law enforcement
  • Caller: Ted in CA supports Patrick’s show even when he doesn’t agree with him.
  • Caller: Ed in NC thinks that because Patrick is apologetically trained, he is speaking about the police incident in terms that most people don’t follow, since they are not as astute. So he understands how some listeners interpret his comments as broad
  • Caller: Kurt in NV is in law enforcement and says no one hates this news more than other police officers. It’s similar to the faithful being let down by the priest scandals that shed a bad light on the whole
  • Caller: Frank in PA is a former cop and says that once the man was handcuffed he should’ve been put in the police car and left. The fact he was face down also shows there wasn’t threat
  • Caller: Atalie in CA says the video shows that the officers had everything under control, they weren’t struggling to secure the man
  • Caller: Anthony in NJ thinks the lack of communication with God is the root of our hearts being riled up