The Patrick Madrid Show: May 28, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Bill is having trouble understanding knowing the balance in life between struggling in life to enter through the narrow gate, and relaxing a little bit in having hope in the Lord
  • Caller: Conrad in MD expresses his anger at the Howard County Government forbidding Holy Communion
  • Patrick discusses the right to our freedoms and how a small thing becomes a big thing if not addressed immediately
  • Caller: Marilyn in NJ asks if there is a specific prayer or saint we can pray to for an end to the pandemic
  • Caller: Bob in OK references Ecclesiastes 11:4 to what’s happening today
  • Caller: Rosemary in NY thanks Patrick for his “sermon” today on standing up to Howard County and fighting for the right to receive Holy Communion
  • Caller: Adam criticizes Patrick for hanging up on him