The Patrick Madrid Show: May 29, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Steve in CA continues his call from the previous hour discussing with Patrick how he can debate with his Protestant friends in Bible study
  • Caller: Caesar in CA recalls an interview with Morgan Freeman where he responded to the question of how to stop racism saying, “stop talking about it”
  • Caller: Toni in FL thinks maybe people who aren’t willing to die while receiving Holy Communion shouldn’t go up to receive at all
  • Caller: Bee in NY says the COVID-19 vaccine will not be effective
  • Caller: Roy in CA says racism is an issue for black persons to fight and that white people should stay out of it
  • Caller: Tony in OH discusses cultural differences and says change needs to start at home for anything to get better in the world
  • Caller: Yvonne in CA shares her testimony of her friend who mourns the death of her son who died the exact same way George Floyd did, but he was white. Her point is that police brutality needs to stop in general
  • Caller: J.C. in CA proposes that the head of each household be given Communion, and then they distribute it to the rest of their families