The Patrick Madrid Show: May 4, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Bill in CA asks about his pastor who is technically disobeying their bishop by having secret Mass. He wonders if he should go along with his priest or bishop
  • Caller: Dorothy asks if you can wear a scapular that isn’t made of wool. Her family members are very orthodox and claim it has to be wool. Patrick says it’s okay.
  • Caller: Roger in IL asks if the Divine Mercy messages given to St. Faustina are new revelations, or if it was reiterating what Jesus already taught in Scripture
  • Caller: Theresa asks what to say to people who ask where God is during chaotic situations like we’re in now
  • Caller: Scott in MN lost his stepson 5 months ago. He asks if it is okay to pray to him even though he doesn’t know if he’s in Heaven. Can he ask for a sign?
  • Caller: Kathleen in IL asks about Catholic dogma vs. doctrine

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