The Patrick Madrid Show: May 5, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Judy in IL asks how to explain transubstantiation to her protestant friends that believe it is only a symbol, because Jesus said “do this in remembrance of me”
  • Soundbite: Tucker Carlson talks to Rep. Gaetz about Chinese-made drones used for monitoring US Citizens
  • Caller: Mel in TX asks about his daughter who is a baptized Catholic engaged to a baptized Catholic, but they want to get married in a non-denominational church
  • Caller: Kathleen in IL asks for a list of Catholic dogmas and doctrine
  • Caller: Tim in AZ asks if Patrick has seen the documentary “The Bible vs. Joseph Smith”
  • Caller: Ivonne asks how to explain to her friend that she cannot break her Holy Communion after receiving and share it with a loved one
  • Caller: Hannah asks about the Blessed Virgin Mary’s free will being conformed to God’s will. Could she have said “no” when the angel told her she would conceive Jesus?

*Pledge Drive Day 2