The problems with surrogacy

  • Hour 3 of 5-12-20
  • Anderson Cooper on CNN is a father to his new son Wyatt. However, as much as you may excited to hear that someone is a father, you may not be so happy to hear how he became one. He and his partner used a surrogate. Anderson Cooper recently sat down with Kelly and Ryan on their syndicated morning show – he was met by applause and admiration from them for his decision to be a surrogate father. But as Catholics, we have to admit that we take issue with this. Surrogacy can never be excused, even though someone may really want to be a parent. It uses women and is not a natural way to become a parent. Learn more about the Church’s teachings on this from Dr. Kevin Miller.
  • We know that Biden said he would pick a woman to be his VP, but who might it be? Sen. Kamala Harris? Stacy Abrams? What about Sen. Elizabeth Warren? Former Cong. Sean Duffy gives you his analysis and tells you who he believes will be chosen, and why. Also, they get into the Gen. Flynn situation; Biden told ABC News that he was not directly involved and tried to wash his hands of the entire fiasco. Learn about this as well.