Unconditional Parental Love, Good Shepherd Sunday, Vocations, Domestic Church 5.8.20

  • This week talk show host Ellen DeGeneres made the claim that parents who don’t support their children going through a sex change don’t love their unconditionally.  What do you think? www.sexchangregret.com 
  • Guest, Fr. Tim Grumbauch, The Lord is my Shepherd, there is nothing I shall want: do you feel the closeness of the Lord right now? He has promised us everything we need (not everything we want). Do you know who the shepherd is? Are you feeling outcast?
  • Learning how to say “yes”: Fr. Tim walks us through his vocation story. God calls us into places we may never expect: on an anointing call, Fr. Tim witnessed a special moment of care and ministry. 
  • Feeling depressed and gloomy at this point in the quarantine? This is the moment to be reminded of the domestic Church — we are the living body of Christ.