Update on the Daleiden civil case

  • Hour 1 of 5-5-20
  • Remember David Daleiden? He was the brave man who exposed Planned Parenthood for working with other organizations, detailing how they have been selling aborted baby body parts. How sick!! Yet he was the one who has faced lawsuits. How does this make sense? Get an update on his case with Peter Breen. Breen also talks about the process of reopening churches in Illinois.
  • Heard about murder hornets? Well the bees are at risk now! This isn’t a lame sci-fi plot; they have now come to the US. Read more here. You can learn more about it this hour!
  • In this time of pandemic, more and more people are praying and turning to faith! In a survey which was done, about 25 percent of respondents said they are now praying, even if they were religiously unaffiliated up to that point. This is a huge sign of hope, and it shows that God is making good out of this. Hear what Msgr James Shae says on this and more.