US/China relations

  • Hour 1 of 5-26-20
  • President Trump wants to get out of the Open Skies Treaty, which you can read about here. Because Russia had been cheating and not holding up their end of the deal, the president wants out. Peter Brookes supports the president on this decision and explains why here. Brookes says he is open to another form of the treaty being constructed in the future, but he stresses that Russia has got to comply and play fair.
  • US/China relations are not good right now. In fact, Sen. Rick Scott of FL told Hugh Hewitt that he believes we are in a cold war with them. He said that communist China is in it for themselves and they don’t have our best interests at heart. What does this mean for your safety? Are you concerned? Dan Blumenthal joins for analysis.
  • The president wants churches to reopen safely, but some are not happy about this. Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago even had a church raided over the weekend for holding a large gathering service. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany sparred with press reporters this weekend on President Trump’s mandate that churches reopen. Yet isn’t church essential, just as much or if not more so than groceries or other needs? If churches are practicing social distancing, don’t they have a right to be open? Dr. Thomas McGovern believes so; he explains the rational argument he holds.