Vaccines for COVID

  • Hour 3 of 5-14-20
  • Cardinals Strickland, Sarah, Mueller, Zen, Vigano, and Schneider have expressed concern about the possibility of a one world order. Could we be witnessing before our very eyes a loss of our religious freedom? With government shutdowns upon us throughout this time of COVID, many say that churches have been closed down for far too long. Dr. Matthew Bunson points out that we as Catholics must remain calm and also vigilant, assuring that our freedom to worship is protected.
  • Gates wants 7 billion vaccinated. The problem is that there is a real chance that the vaccine which might be created for COVID would involve aborted fetal cell lines. As Catholic believers, we must fight against this. Dr. Theresa Deisher also argues that it is very unlikely we will even see a vaccine successfully created for Coronavirus. She explains that this virus is very different from Influenza, and finding the right cure would be difficult. She expounds upon this and explains her reasoning for wanting the economy to reopen.