Atoning for the destruction of statues

  • Hour 3 of 6-30-20
  • Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone joins Drew to talk about the atonement needed for the sins we’ve seen in our nation. We can’t stand for the desecration of sacred statues, and we also need to work against racism and hatred. He performed an exorcism at the site of the statue of St. Serra which was toppled over and he prayed the St. Michael prayer. He is encouraging us to make reparation and fast for penance.
  • Is what is happening similar to what has happened in Venezuela? One immigrant from Venezuela is saying that we need to be aware of the nation’s evolution into socialism. This far more than just decrying against confederate statues, she says. Her fear is that the US will follow the same route that her native land did. Hear what she had to say this hour.
  • Should we fear the rise of a dictatorship? Jack Barsky is a former spy and he shares his experience and expertise.