Community Policing At Its Best; SCOTUS Ruling Changes Civil Rights Act Intent on Discrimination, What It Will Mean 6.17.20

Fr. Dan Brandt: Chicago Police Department Chaplain looks at community policing, reform proposals in law enforcement, human side of police officers’ lives of service & sacrifice; what changes do we need at this time for best, safest, most orderly & just policing system, and who should decide that? What can we do to help law & order at most local levels? 

Kate Anderson: ADF attorney explains Harris Funeral Homes case Supreme Court ruled on Monday, allowing courts & federal agencies to exceed their constitutional boundaries & redefine what “sex” means in federal law; ADF case centered on male employee dressing as female when meeting with grieving family members, violating dress code; Court says okay. 

Kari Beckman: Ramifications for religious organizations after SCOTUS ruling added sexual orientation & gender identity to protected class status under 1964 Civil Rights Act forbidding discrimination on base of sex (meaning male or female); what recourse will faith based schools, other organizations have in hiring and employee decisions? 


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