Faith & Plastic Surgery 6.23.20

  • How to keep your Catholic values in a public setting or even a hostile environment.  Sharing faith when others are watching. How do you honor another person’s good intentions? Your neighbor?
  • Consent culture and the false promises of gender equality.
  • Guest, Dr. (Deacon) Patrick Lappert, Plastic Surgeon: true plastic surgery is based on the nature of a human being; the goal of plastic surgery is to bring unity and harmony back to the person. Reconstructive vs aesthetic surgery. Dissociation (transgenderism) separates the soul from the body. Beauty, truth and goodness have a profound effect on us. Plastic surgery does not heal internal wounds.
  • Body shame and aesthetic surgery: living in an image driven time, tremendous pressure on young women to attain perfection/unrealistic goals. Catholic position on plastic surgery. Does plastic surgery pressure others to unrealistic standards?