Guarding Protest Zones; Justice in Policing; Leadership in America; Justice in Social Reopening, Showing Respect for Life 6.15.20

Congressman Adam Kinzinger: The truth about the mission and role of the RC-26b reconnaissance plane used by the Air National Guard RC-26b and Congressman’s service flying over the protests last week; correcting the record since conspiracy theories about the plane abound on Twitter; ‘Justice in Policing Act’. 

Jeremy Dys: First Liberty on  double standard in treatment of churches and protestors during pandemic; ‘government officials limiting church gatherings but encouraging protestors reveal their safety directives have more to do with anti-religious bigotry than the virus’; the First Amendment is not multiple choice. 

Prof. Paul Kengor: Planned Parenthood says Black Lives Matter, shouldn’t that mean removing Margaret Sanger monuments from public places of honor?; today’s Supreme Court LGBTQ ruling and same sex marriage, gender identity activism; progressives’ efforts to redefine marriage and family are gaining ground, with mainstream compliance.