Happiness & Action 6.22.20

  • Happiness: it’s not just about you. We are social beings and the common good matters. Happiness involves living and acting well with the goal of heaven.
  • Guest, Katy Faust, Founder & Director of Them Before Us  & CanaVox: Helps you talk about and understand difficult issues so you can be both a soft landing place and give truth filled information for friends and loved ones dealing with the culture’s most difficult issues.
  • Tips on how to love our friends and family struggling with LGBTQ issues: everyone has dignity; reach out in love to serve and befriend. When the opportunity presents itself to explain your beliefs you will be able to articulate the truth. Gender dysphoria: what to do
  • Can gratitude make you complacent? Some say, “Ditch gratitude and get more productive!” Do you agree? Gratitude: promotes self improvement and change.