Health insurance for all blacks

  • Hour 1 of 6-9-20
  • Listen to some of the eulogy at George Floyd’s funeral service today. Joe Biden recorded some of his words to George Floyd in a video. You may have heard that the Democrats in Congress including Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen Pelosi knelt down for almost 9 minutes in silence to remember the life of Floyd. Hear about this in the show open.
  • Gov. Andy Beshear is proposing 100 percent coverage of healthcare for African Americans. Hear some of his press conference. Gov. Beshear wants to do this to show support to African Americans and to make sure that they are not struggling financially. Ryan Bomberger gives reaction to this and also gives his take on the BLM movement. Black Lives Matter is often looked at as a slogan, but so many don’t realize how this is an evil, progressive movement that hates the police and supports abortion.
  • Carl Anderson from the Knights of Columbus joins the show to talk about Father McGivney. Fr. Michael McGivney is the founder of the Knights and is set to be beatified. Get an update!
  • Bob Feeney talks about Mary of the Rosary of San Nicolas in Argentina.