History of Antifa

  • Hour 1 of 6-8-20
  • Who is Antifa and what are their origins? As AG Barr has said that he and the Trump Administration are aware that Antifa and other violent groups are behind the riots, what is it we need to know about them? Kyle Shideler is here to explain the history of Antifa which goes back farther than you might realize. You can read here. Also, what about Black Lives Matter? Do they have connections to Antifa and/or the Democratic Party? Learn about this as well.
  • How are you doing with all this news about the riots? Is it getting you scared? Fr. Rocky joins the show to make a call for peace and unity. He also labels the mainstream media as the ‘for profit’ media and explains that they exist to drive a narrative and make a profit. As Catholics, we must not cling to anger, hatred, and toxic ideology spread by the for-profit media, and we must try to see beyond the bias. Hear his thoughts and reflections on trusting in Jesus throughout the storm.