How the Eucharist is prefigured in the OT

  • Hour 3 of 6-11-20
  • Dr. John Bergsma, a Biblical expert, joins Drew to talk about the Old Testament prefiguring of the Eucharist. What led up historically to the source and summit of our faith needs to be studied and understood. Dr. Bergsma is a convert to the Catholic faith and he shares his own journey in learning to believe in the Real Presence. He also talks about the experience of his first time receiving Jesus in the Eucharist.
  • With the stock markets down about 7 percent, some are worried that the economy will continue to tank. We thought that the economy was soaring back but now this. Are we seeing a market correction? Will this be long term? Chris Markowski is not too worried. He gives a relatively rosy look at all of this and believes that we’ll see better days. Hear his insight.
  • A look at the precinct in Seattle which is being called a self-autonomous zone. Police have lost control and groups like Antifa have seemed to cease control. President Trump said that much of the problem here is that police are unfairly targeted as a whole and not allowed to do their job in major cities. He explains that defunding the police is a terrible idea, and what is happening right now is mere proof of how unsafe we will be without law enforcement. Drew discusses this and makes a call to peace and unity.