Is being gay a sin? 6.24.20

  • How are you sanctifying our Lord’s Day in the time of covid19?
  • Is being gay a sin? Is a person born gay? Guest, Michael Gasparro, Associate MFT shares his healing journey from same sex erotic arousal/attraction. Early feelings of same sex attraction were compounded by being exposed to pornography in middle school. A profound experience in Eucharistic Adoration compelled Michael to bring his struggle to the sacrament of reconciliation and ultimately to discussion with his family to live according to his faith.
  • Desires for same sex friendship are good, it’s sad when the culture eroticises that desire.Our job is to highlight the Church’s teaching (we are all called to chastity); we know that people are not “born gay” – scientists believe combination of nature/nurture; having same sex attractions is not a sin. 
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