Ministering to Blue, Pray for Frontline, HotAir, Defunding Planned Parenthood 6.4.20 

Fr. Dan Brandt: Chicago Police Dept. Chaplain, ‘Your partner has your back, but we’ve got your soul’; resources and outreach in the time of pandemic, public unrest & protests over police actions in Floyd case; police chaplain speaks to the toll Covid-19 is taking on CPD members psychologically and spiritually, and more important, about trying to offer hope during these trying times. 

Ed Morrissey: News roundup; who is Antifa, what motivates them, and how do they operate?; reaction to Drew Brees sharing his opinion of kneeling during the National Anthem; calls to defund the police and what that would lead to (can we defund Planned Parenthood, now that we’re on the topic?); anniversary of Tiananmen Square, China’s crackdown in Hong Kong.