Mother of soon-to-be beatified teen Carlo Acutis speaks about his incredible life

Venerable Carlo Acutis will soon be Blessed. A beatification date for the Italian teenager has been set for October 10, 2020. Acutis died from leukemia in 2006 at age 15 and is a great model of holiness for teenagers and young people. His ardent faith throughout his short life has been an inspiration for many.

Carlo’s mother, Antonia Salzano, spoke with Michael O’Neill, host of The Miracle Hunter on Relevant Radio, earlier this year to share her son’s incredible story. She expressed her joy upon learning that her only son whom she lost at such a young age would soon be beatified. “Normally it’s not very usual when you’re alive, something like this. I think it’s very rare that parents can attend the beatification of their son,” she explained.

Carlo Acutis
Carlo Acutis

There were many miracles presented for consideration, and the Congregation for the Causes of Saints chose to investigate one in Brazil. The miracle, approved in November 2019, involved the medically inexplicable cure of a Brazilian child who suffered from a rare congenital anomaly of the pancreas.

Carlo was a smart kid, studied hard, and spent time with his friends. He occasionally played soccer and was skilled in computer science. But what set him apart was his deep love of neighbor and his remarkable piety. “Since he was a little child he was very devout. Since he was four years old, when we were walking in the streets he went inside the churches to say hello to Jesus on the cross or to say hello to the Virgin Mary,” remarked Salzano.

He sought out ways to learn about his faith and the saints; he enthusiastically read scripture and books to know more. What’s really incredible is that Carlo’s mother says that he found this love for Jesus and the Church on his own and inspired his family to begin embracing and practicing their Catholic faith. “Carlo for me was a little bit like a little savior. Because from my son I started my conversion,” she said.

Ven. Carlo Acutis remained very close to the sacraments and had a profound love for the Holy Eucharist. He requested that he be allowed to receive his First Communion early, and received Jesus for the first time at seven years old. Salzano explained, “Since then, he was always attending each day the Holy Mass and doing some Eucharistic Adoration, either before or after the Mass. Jesus was really the center of his day-to-day.”

His mother describes him as having “a regular, normal life” but from childhood, Jesus and the Holy Eucharist were always the center of his life. Even when he was sick with leukemia, he never complained and was always smiling and joyful. Venerable Carlo Acutis, pray for us!

To hear more about the incredible life of Carlo, listen to the full interview with his mother on The Miracle Hunter: