“We want God!”  6.1.20

  • Behold your Mother: today is the Feast of Mary, Mother of the Church. We are “John” — Christ gives us his Mother as a perfect example of the temple of the Holy Spirit. Are we living the seven gifts and twelve fruits of the Holy Spirit? “We want God!”
  • Guest, Michael Knowles, The Daily Wire:  why are the riots happening? There has only been one civilization to defend against racism — US. Crisis of fatherhood: are young men rioting missing father figures? Don’t go to “Zoom” college, next year: if you want to get an education, read the classic works! Work!
  • How has the Holy Spirit played a role in your life? Even now, in the midst of riots? Trouble and hope: do they go together? Healing with “band-aids” until the Sacrament returns. Wisdom of St. Mother Teresa. 
  • How is our Immaculate Mother, Mary relatable? We are being offered the same graces our Lady had, through the grace of our Confirmation.