Police reform

  • Hour 1 of 6-16-20
  • Were you affected by the outage which affected T-Mobile and other cell phone networks? If so, you couldn’t call, text, or receive calls. This is reported to have not been related to a cyber security attack, but it does get you thinking about future possibilities though. So have you ever considered what would happen if there was a cyber security attack? News Week reports on what you could expect. Certainly not a reason to be overly fearful, but rather, overly prepared. Hear this audio and commentary.
  • Police reform under the Trump administration is in process of being put through, and it is an effort to bring about real change. One of these reforms is that choke holds would be allowed only in extenuating circumstances. Get perspective from Sgt. Charlie Anderson. He is also asked about the stress police officers feel right now. He says that it is truly a calling, and he doesn’t blame some for not being able to continue anymore. He also explains why he could never step down.
  • Only Christianity can bring about healing. Only the Lord can remove racism. This Floyd incident is a reminder for all of us that we do need healing in America. There is racism, and it needs to be rooted out. As we turn to Jesus, we pray for the grace to unify and forgive past hurts. Hear spiritual advice from  Msgr. James Shae.