Shame & Anxiety 6.3.20

  • Hailey Beiber : Part 3 | Dealing With Shame. We live in a “shameless” culture: one that’s immature and impure. “Catholic guilt” helps us understand something wrong has happened. Shame isn’t a bad thing; we have to provide a context in which to process shame. 
  • Guest, Michael Gasparro, MFT: difference between shame and guilt — “I did something bad” vs “I am someone bad”. The presence of our feelings of guilt are not necessarily evidence of having done something bad. Connection and communion can help us deal with isolation/anxiety from coronavirus and curfews.  and  and 
  • Mainstream media ignores people who want to deal with same sex erotic arrousal in keeping with their deeply felt religious convictions. Disney’s new short, “Out” is the prime example. We choose how we react to feelings.
  • Octave of Pentecost: The New Age Movement is direct opposition to the Holy Spirit. If anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ.