Racism and the call to defund police

  • Hour 3 of 6-8-20
  • So Jacob Frey, mayor of Minneapolis, was booed out of the protests because he does not support defunding the police. He told ABC that he believes that the system should be reconfigured, not disbanded. Hear a continued discussion on racism and how Democrats are calling for a defunding of the police force. Monsignor Morris gives his take as a Black Roman Catholic priest.
  • A look at the bias towards police officers. Peter Johnson, a self defense expert at Archway Defense, said that major cities like Minneapolis and Chicago are already seeing an uptick in homicides. Peter Johnson said that police are trying to protect themselves because of these riots, so they are dialing back on policing. Sarah Huckabee Sanders told FOX and Friends that it would be unwise to forget about the many good cops who keep our cities safe. One caller says she is thinking about getting a gun. Peter offered this number if you need assistance obtaining self defense resources. (970) 400-1760