Religious freedom/Rioting

  • Hour 1 of 6-3-20
  • The president has doubled down and assured Americans that he will protect their religious freedoms. Learn more here. Are you grateful for being able to practice your faith without persecution? Don’t take this for granted! Get connected on this win for religious freedom with  He also wrote this article and he gives his opinion on these riots, violent and angry mobs fueling hate in our country. What should our response be as Catholics? Also, hear this monologue from Tucker! 
  • Can you imagine being a police officer in the midst of these riots right now? As we mourn the loss of George Floyd, we also mourn the loss of police officers such as David Dorn. He was killed in St. Louis this week because of the violent mobs. Cops are going through so much right now, one even being hit by a car driving by. Joe Sikorra, a former law enforcement officer, gives his perspective.