Religious Liberty & Forced Abortions; Coronavirus Increasing Abortions; Forecasting 2020 Elections 6.11.20

Peter Breen: Legal challenge filed over State of Illinois law requiring all health insurance policies sold in the state to provide coverage for elective chemical and surgical abortions, with no exemptions, even for churches; case challenging health care providers that discriminate in time of Covid based on age or disability

Michael New: Is Coronavirus increasing abortion rates?; Pro-lifers need to increase our efforts, continue to support pregnancy help centers, which are likely seeing a reduction in donations; sidewalk counselors, complying with social safety measures, should continue their lifesaving work outside of local abortion facilities

Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Election 2020 forecast models show Americans reject socialist ideals; will respond to social unrest and calls to defund or dismantle police in the next vote, reject officials who failed to protect people and property in protests across the country; top political issue of 2020 elections