Rule of Law, Justice & Social Order; Power of Truth, Culture & Conflict, Prayer & Peace 6.9.20

Prof. Robert P. George: Rule of law is indispensable to a just political & social order, but it’s being applied more unevenly now based on lawbreakers’ causes; Seek the truth, speak truth as best you understand it, don’t be bullied into silence or shamed into saying things you don’t believe; don’t let fear of the mob or desire for acceptance dictate what you say & don’t say; even without church buildings we can practice our faith. 

Francis X.  Maier: ‘All Conflict, All the Time’; Love is the furnace powering heaven, rage – with its sub-currents of confusion, despair, frustration, and conflict – irradiates hell; It’s easy to feel dwarfed by the scope of the problems we face, the point is, what do we do?; two thoughts/suggestions: one from De Lubac, one from St. Peter.