SCOTUS decision on gay rights in the workplace

  • Hour 1 of 6-15-20
  • SCOTUS came down down with a decision related to LGBT people in the workplace. In a decision called Bostock v. Clayton County,  the justices ruled that gay and transgender people cannot be fired or discriminated against in the workplace for their orientation. What is also surprising was that Justice Gorsuch broke away from the other conservatives and even wrote the opinion. What are we to make of his move? Dr. Matthew Franck explains the illogical conclusion that Gorsuch came to in this opinion. Also, find out if religious institutions might be in trouble because of this case.
  • 80 percent of Americans feel like the country is spinning out of control. Do you feel that way? With race riots, looting, and police officer shootings, there is so much chaos in our world. Fr. Paul Sullins argues that police officers are trained to do their job the wrong way. He takes the case of the Atlanta man who was shot, arguing that he did not have to die. Callers make a rebuttal by saying that the police officers were trying to protect themselves. What do you think?