Seattle CHAZ

  • Hour 1 of 6-12-20
  • Have you been following the news about the CHAZ or “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone?” Antifa and other radical groups have seized this area in Seattle and police have lost control. Meanwhile, the mayor is showing hardly any leadership. President Trump is continuing to stand firm and he told Harris Faulkner in an exclusive FOX News interview that he won’t stand for it. Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best is also being realistic about the dangers happening in the autonomous zone. Yet the media is portraying this area as if it were a fun block party. Not so much. Hear what Ed Morrissey has to say.
  • We need peace, now more than ever. Our Lady is offering peace to the world if we were to only turn to her Immaculate Heart. The message of Fatima is needed now, and will be illustrated beautifully in a new movie coming out. David Carollo outlines the message of Fatima and Our Lady’s peace plan.