Spiritual Suicide 6.26.20

  • Bored? Do you have a plan for spiritual growth?
  • Guest, Father Tim Grumbach, St. Augustine Catholic Church, LA: the “best” christian is not the most perfect christian – discussing the example of Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger says faith has helped him deal with off-field addiction issues; eight obstacles to holiness. 
  • Spiritual suicide takes place in small increments. Has the lack of communion (because of covid19 pandemic) been an obstacle to your holiness? How do you plan to make a fervent communion (in community!) when Churches fully reopen? One of the keys to holiness (according to the saints) is silent love as a language. Sanitized sin.
  • Listener Joe:  My question would be, how should I deal with a student who asks if I’m Pro choice? I am Pro life but pretty much have to duck this question. Or how to deal with co-workers who criticize my pro life stance?