Forgiveness & the Cancel Culture 6.12.20

  • Face to face confession, why is it so intimidating? What to do when Mass is hard to Access. How close are we to the Church.
  • Guest Father Tim Grumbach joins Timmerie to talk about his thoughts on how “The church isn’t extreme enough”. Prayer, fasting &  Sacrificing for sinners brings holiness to those around us. Allowing God to fix what is in us. Are we living a Catholic Lifestyle? Reading about our history is important.
  • Cancel Culture, Called out Cancelled for past behaviors.
  • The Flash Actor Hartley Sawyer fired for past tweets. Labeled Racists, Homophobic and Misogynistic. Is there room for forgiveness and change? What can we learn from being Catholic? Seeking forgiveness
  • Three sane decisions to help you save your soul Commencement speech for Christendom College Graduates in 2019.