The Patrick Madrid Show: June 1, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Adam in IL challenges Patrick on his understanding of the prayers of the “righteous” being in reference to the saints in Heaven
  • Soundbite: Part 2 of Patricks discussion with Mary McDonough on her experience acting on The Waltons (ends at 9:19 Central)
  • Caller: Carlo in IL appreciates Patrick’s promotion of The Waltons and asks Patrick’s advice on how to encourage his loved ones to get into the series
  • Caller: Peter in IA shares how one of the cast members in The Waltons came into his restaurant
  • Caller: Lucia in NM shares that Blue Bloods is another good TV show and at the end of each episode the family usually prays together
  • Caller: Darlene in AZ asks about one’s right to receive Holy Communion on the tongue
  • Fr. Rocky joins Patrick to discuss how to seek peace in this time of civil unrest
  • Caller: Pam in MN shares that her son was ordained a priest this weekend