The Patrick Madrid Show: June 1, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Darlene in CA shares that she watched The Waltons growing up
  • Caller: John in NJ shares that he grew up watching The Waltons and to this day his family members call him “John Boy”
  • Soundbite: Part 2 continued of Patrick’s discussion with Mary McDonough on the Waltons
  • Caller: Carol in IL comments on a movie that is similar to The Waltons
  • Caller: Stephanie in TX asks for a book recommendation on the Church fathers
  • Caller: Steve in RI has been reading Scripture and asks if the old ages of some of the people are accurate or if they are figurative
  • Caller: Dan in MN references how John Boy from The Waltons says the line “help me” and how all of us need to support each other as the communion of saints
  • Caller: Luke in MN says the diocese of Minneapolis has 12 priests who were trained to administer the sacraments to patients with COVID-19 in hospitals
  • Caller: Pam in PA has been asked to lead a prayer for her HR department before business begins today. She asks Patrick for a recommended prayer