The Patrick Madrid Show: June 12, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Patrick reminds listeners it’s a great time to be Catholic because God made us for this time, and to not be afraid of anything coming, but stand firm in the light of Christ
  • Caller: Jeff in IL thanks Patrick for his balanced discernment in sharing prophecy
  • Caller: Charlie in CT thought the prophecy was mainly referring to Russia, not the whole world?
  • Caller: Becky in MO was frustrated when her children were taught in school that Communism was “for the betterment of society” and she met with the teacher
  • Caller: Tim in FL says even if the prophecy doesn’t apply to today, we still need to be prepared for the possible blitzkrieg in the aftermath of the election
  • Caller: Shelley in CA asks if she can attend the SSPX church
  • Caller asks about the accuracy of a Biblical story
  • Caller says he works at a Fatima center handing out pamphlets