The Patrick Madrid Show: June 12, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Rioters had taken over the Sheraton Minneapolis Midtown Hotel and have crowdfunded over $138,000 to turn it into shelter and operations base
  • Professor suspended after refusing request for lenient marking of black students’ assessments
  • ‘Are you immune?’ The new class system that could shape the Covid-19 world
  • Caller: James in MN says the rosary is the weapon for all times
  • Caller: Alicia in CA is frustrated at her bishop who is directing Holy Communion to be given in the hand in order to lessen the possibility of germ transmission for the extraordinary ministers
  • Caller asks about the COVID-19  vaccine
  • Caller: John Mark in IL was told he’s racist by his family and friends for sharing about the violent riots and related it to prophecies. He asks for advice on how to talk to them
  • Caller: Frank gives his perspective on people living in sin and the importance of repentance during this time
  • Caller: Peter in CA discusses mental prayer