The Patrick Madrid Show: June 17, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Patrick summarizes his discussion with caller Maria from the previous hour
  • Caller: Norma in CA is a counselor at a pregnancy center and says although she agrees ALL black lives matter, they all start in the womb
  • Caller: Michelle in TX is surprised that Maria thinks BLM is only about police brutality
  • Caller: Joe in NJ wishes the clergy would be more vocal on the issues going on in the world, instead of being afraid of getting too political
  • Caller: Jim in WI says that the BLM website makes it clear they are pushing an agenda against a heteronormative family structure and wanting to advance the sexual revolution
  • Caller: Donny in CA thinks Patrick missed the point of Maria’s call, although in general he agree with Patrick’s views
  • Caller: Robert in CA thinks we should consider how many children grow up in poverty, so abortion may be an option early on before the baby feels pain. He doesn’t have the answers, but thinks we should think about financial aid more
  • Caller: Leann in MN comments on Maria’s phone call and says BLM need to change their name to “These Black Lives Matter”
  • Caller: Millie comments on the BLM discussion and thanks Patrick for his show