The Patrick Madrid Show: June 19, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Noelle in CA comments on Hillsdale College’s letter and compares it to the bishops’ silence on the issues too. She agrees with the silence. Jesus already said everything we need to know
  • Caller: Richard in UT says the shooting in Atlanta was 100% justified
  • Caller: Robert in TX is a former officer and gives his opinion on the Atlanta shooting. He says force is to be met with superior force to de-escalate the situation
  • Caller: Dominick in NY says the other officer present was tasered and got a concussion. The officers were not in the wrong
  • Caller: Owen in CA is a former officer and he discusses other factors not being considered in the trial
  • Caller: Winifred in PA thinks the Atlanta cops came to the scene with an authoritative attitude from the start and wanted to arrest him. She thinks if the guy was white he wouldn’t be dead
  • Caller: Laurie in NJ thinks the police officer is justified because the man being arrested was resisting
  • Caller: Reyvar in CA asks why people are scarred by the police shootings