The Patrick Madrid Show: June 26, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Your iPhone has a hidden map of EVERYWHERE you go – Patrick instructs Cyrus how to find it on “settings” and they discuss how they feel about being tracked
  • Caller: Bob in IL asks Patrick for advice on how he stays calm in heated debates and attacks on his Faith. Patrick recommends a few books
  • Caller: Maureen in CA asks about a devotional book that mentions something about “God’s daughter Sophia,” and she asks for clarification if that was a literal person
  • Caller: Ahmet in MN asks how we know that Mary and Elizabeth were actually cousins. They were from different tribes
  • Caller: Mark in AZ said there was a Trump Rally in Phoenix and no one wore masks. He thinks it was the wrong time to do that
  • Caller: Charlie in FL shares what he does to remain calm in heated debates
  • Soundbite: Fr. Simon answers the question: do animals have souls?