The Patrick Madrid Show: June 26, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Oscar in NY says when he was in the Holy Land he was told Veronica isn’t really her name, that she doesn’t have a name
  • Caller: Eliot in CA describes his mother’s illness and her passing last year. He asks for help understanding why in her extreme pain it would’ve been wrong to euthanize her, yet we euthanize pets when they are in pain
  • Caller: Joe in TX discusses statues being taken down
  • Soundbite: Venezuelan Elizabeth Rogliani warns Americans: statues coming down is where revolutions start
  • Caller: Billie in UT is pregnant but has been told the baby will not live long after birth
  • Caller: Richard in WI asks about IBM selling software to China
  • Caller: Loretta in NJ says apparently IBM facial recognition is ineffective and law enforcement departments are dropping it
  • Caller: Maria in AZ is agonizing over her son who just graduated high school and is about to attend a liberal college, and he has already lost the Faith. She asks for a book
  • Caller: Timothy in AZ asks the Catholic view of eternal security of salvation. Are we to be confident in the Lord’s mercy or be unsure that we are saved?