The Patrick Madrid Show: June 29, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Steve in CA says the priest didn’t distribute Holy Communion yesterday
  • Caller: Lori in RI says you can’t make people change. You have to show them why to change
  • Caller: Frank in CA says we need to return to using words as their original meaning (prejudice vs. racism)
  • Evangelical mega-church leads congregation in Consecration to Sacred Heart of Jesus prayer
  • Caller: Janet in IA says any time someone says or does something out of line we must speak up and call them out lovingly
  • Caller: Jim in WI says his aunt who is a nun marched with MLK and it was nonviolent. He refuses to be manipulated by current groups that have infiltrated the peaceful protests
  • Caller: Robert in FL is African American and has relatives in law enforcement. He says evil persists until good people do something about it. Enough turning a blind eye. He teaches his sons to walk away if there are guys talking disrespectfully about women. It should be the same for racist behavior.