The Patrick Madrid Show: June 3, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Richard in UT is a retired police officer and says this rioting doesn’t make sense.
  • Soundbite: Part 4 of Patrick’s discussion with Mary McDonough, the actress who played Erin in “The Waltons”
  • Caller: Teo in NM asks for advice on a discussion about salvation he had with his protestant friend re: Matthew 16.
  • Caller: Dave in IL says there is an article called “Looting isn’t the Answer, but Organizing Is”
  • Caller: Greg in CA asks Patrick’s opinion on how legitimate Roy Schoeman’s testimony is before he recommends his witness to other people
  • Caller: Steve in FL was a former NYPD and has dealt with professional anarchists. He says history repeats itself and that Derek Chauvin didn’t kill George Floyd out of racism
  • Caller: Marie in CA says she went to high school with Mary McDonough but didn’t personally know her. She also recommends we turn to fasting as a powerful way to pray during these times
  • Caller: Carolina in WI is from Chile and says the same thing happened there when they protested. They burned churches and destroyed other properties. It is planned.
  • Caller: Stephanie in IL lives in Chicago and all the businesses are gone. She thinks Derek Chauvin offered himself as tribute to create this chaos. She believes it’s planned. It’s deeper than we see on the surface.